Daily Stars lettuce breaks silence with message for Truss after her resignation

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    The moment the world has been waiting for has finally happened – the Daily Star's wet lettuce has spoken.

    In its first public appearance since beating soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister Liz Truss who resigned from her position earlier today, the lettuce has shed some light on its future political ambitions.

    Giving a live address to thousands of people who were glued to the Daily Star's YouTube and Twitter channels, the lettuce reflected on the last seven days of fame.

    READ MORE: Daily Star's wet lettuce refuses to confirm if it will stand to be Britain's next PM

    It said: “I came into office at a time of great e-kale-nomic instability but after an unbe-leaf-able campaign, I am thrilled to have been crowned victorious in these chard times.

    “However, we must romaine cautious.

    “This is just the tip of the iceberg.

    “Cos many people might think I am a little green, but truly I believe that I could be this country’s little gem.

    “I want to commend my opponent, her heart was in it Butterhead was not.”

    While not outright stating that it would be running for office in the election campaign, the Daily Star believes that the lettuce is consulting with its team about the chances of approaching the chairman of the Conservative Party's 1922 committee, Sir Graham Brady about doing so.

    • Daily Star's wet lettuce refuses to confirm if it will stand to be Britain's next PM

    However, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the 60p lettuce has refused to comment on whether or not it will speaking to the chairman of the Conservative 1922 committee and look to stand in the election.

    The lettuce refused to comment, but a source close to the situation told us that it is deep in discussions with its team about the next move – especially as it has now proven that it has the power to outlast far more powerful people.

    If it were to run, it would need to prove it could get at least 50 Tory MPs on its side, if the rumours were to be be-leaf-ed.

    There is also no word about who it would choose to romaine alongside it in its kitchen cabinet, and our sauce refused to shed some light on that subject.

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