Daughter wins lottery using late mums numbers despite ripping up lucky ticket

A dedicated daughter who continued to enter her late mum’s lottery numbers after her death was stunned to find out she’d won – despite ripping up the ticket and chucking it away by accident.

Kelly Firth, 44, bought Lotto Hotpicks for her mum Carol every week before the 65-year-old’s death and decided to carry on the tradition in remembrance.

But during Kelly’s winning week, she had binned the ticket after the numbers didn’t come up on the first draw, not realising the three numbers would come up on the weekend one instead.

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She had to frantically rush to the flat’s communal bins to piece together the winning ticket, which banked her the £1,600 prize.

Lucky Kelly gushed: “I couldn't believe I won when mum never did, and I just knew she was still around looking after me when the numbers came up.

"I'm still in shock and always will be. It was a sign from mum and I still can't believe it.

"My heart dropped. I was jumping for joy one minute, telling mum we had won and that I knew she was around because she knew I needed this, and then panicking the next.

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"I'd only just put my black bin out so I jumped in the big bin outside and pulled every black bin liner out and searched every one until I found the tickets which luckily still had the barcode intact.”

To add to the stunned mum’s mad moment, she says Carol’s favourite song – You're Simply the Best by Tina Turner – came on the radio.

Kelly explained: "I was shouting to mum that we'd won, and I put the radio on to celebrate, and mum's favourite song which I played at her funeral was playing.

"It just confirmed that mum really was still there. I couldn't believe it."


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