Denver airport raises parking rates for most garages and lots

Parking rates will increase at Denver International Airport on July 15 for the first time in nearly three years, with most options going up $1 to $2 an hour.

The east and west economy lots have gotten less economical: With the latest increase, they’ll cost $18 a day, up 38% since early 2018. Back then, those close-in lots cost $13 a day — a $5 premium over the farther-out, $8-per-day Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot (and its backup, the Mt. Elbert Shuttle Lot). Now the economy lots’ daily premium over the shuttle lots will be a full $10.

The good news for budget-minded travelers is that the shuttle lots’ cost has stayed the same during that time. And the Pikes Peak and Mt. Elbert lots will continue to charge $8 a day even under the new rates, DIA says.

What will get more expensive is every other airport parking option. DIA’s last rate increases took effect in September 2019.

Under the new rates:

  • Garage parking will cost $7 an hour and $30 a day, both up by $2 over the current hourly and daily rates.
  • Short-term parking will cost $7 an hour (up $1), with no daily maximum.
  • The economy lots will cost $6 an hour (up $1). The daily rate will be $18 for the first three days and $16 after that (a $1 increase for each).
  • The off-site 61st & Peña lot, an airport-owned lot that is next to an A-Line train station several miles away, will cost $5 for the first 12 hours (up $2) and $7 a day (up $1).

“The cost of doing business and operating our lots has significantly increased over the last several years,” said Steve Jaquith, DIA’s chief operating officer, in a news release. “This slight rate increase will ensure DEN can continue to provide a variety of parking options to our passengers at different price points.”

The higher prices resulted from a recent parking rate market study, DIA says. It looked at rates charged by other airports nationally as well as parking prices at nearby private lots that compete with DIA’s parking garages and lots.

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