Denver mass shooting: 5 dead including shooter in ‘killing spree’ across multiple areas

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The incident which took place in four distinct locations has been described as a “killing spree” by the Denver Police Chief, Paul Pazen.The spree began shortly after 5pm at First Avenue and Broadway, according to Mr Pazen.

In the attack, three people were shot. Two women were killed and a man was injured.

Following the first attack, officers were dispatched to a second shooting at 12th and Williams where another man was killed.

A third incident then occurred at 6th Avenue and Cherokee where a gun was fired but no injuries reported.

A police chase ensued after officers identified a vehicle associated with the shootings.

The suspect then reportedly disabled a police vehicle and fled to Lakewood where according to John Romero, a Lakewood Police Department spokesman, another victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police later spotted the suspect and his vehicle in the Belamar Shopping area where the driver opened fire on the officers.

Speaking at a news conference on Monday night, Mr Romero and Mr Pazen said the suspect wounded a Lakewood police officer during the shootout who is alive and in surgery.

Mr Pazen said: “We believe the suspect is no longer a threat to our community thanks to the work of the Denver and Lakewood Police Department collaboration.

“We believe that this individual was responsible for this very violent series of events that took place in the Denver Metro area.”

He continued: “This is the holiday season.

“To have this type of spree take place is not normal for our community.

“We cannot lose sight of the victims in this, the people that are still fighting for their lives, including a Lakewood agent.”

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Mr Romero added: “It’s a tough day for the Lakewood police family, obviously, when this happens to one of our own.

“We just ask everybody in our community for their thoughts and prayers for that agent and their family.”

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