Desperate mum, 19, forced to quit job at KFC over mould-infested horror home

A local council has been forced to apologise after a mother-of-one had to quit her job due to mental health issues from her mould-ridden council flat.

Birmingham City Council had provided former Weoley Castle KFC worker Chloe Edwards with a place in Bartley Green, but she has had nothing but issues for two years.

The 19-year-old, and her son, 2, claims she was “always” suffering with chest issues due to mould spores in her one-bedroom flat.

It was provided by the council as temporary accommodation.

But the problems started two years ago with a sewage leak under the property.

Despite being solved, this has now caused rising damp and mould throughout the house.

She said: “I was working but I had to quit my job because of my depression.

“It got to me and I don't want to work in an environment and me be the way I am at the moment.”

“Now the problem is, because the sewage was that bad – and we don't know how long it was going on prior to when we moved in – it's all spread underneath the ground you see and it's causing us rising damp.

“Obviously now, we've had the council out several times, on several occasions and nothing has been done with the property itself, apart from the bathroom because it was causing mould in the bathroom.

“Now all of the house is basically covered in mould, it's got on belongings, clothes, wardrobes, it's even coming through the carpet.

"My son is having to go through it as well, his chest is always affected by the mould. It's damaged a lot of our belongings,”

The mum claims that she attempts to clean the mould from the inside of the house every five days, but it returns almost instantly.

A spokesman for Birmingham city council apologised to the woman for the “inconvenience caused by the damp and mould at their property”, and confirmed that a contractor has visited the house, with a full survey carried out.

The spokesman added: “In conjunction with the tenant we will be putting in place a full treatment of works to get rid of the damp and mould.

“We will also carry out any other repairs that are needed to ensure the property is brought up to a fit and proper standard.”

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