Destroyed Russian tanks paraded in Kyivs main street prove catnip for dads

Ukrainian men recorded checking out a Russian armoured vehicle in a street in Kyiv have gained internet fame.

A 20-second long video shared on TikTok shows a group of Ukrainian males looking closely at a destroyed tank.

Their curiosity, natural in front of a tank being paraded in the street, attracted the attention of thousands of people on the video-sharing social media platform.

The way they approached the vehicle, their walks around it and their stances – including the position of their hands, kept either in pockets or clutched in front of them – were lovingly likened to those of fathers by internet users, and many in the comments reached the conclusion all dads around the world behave the same way.

The video included a playfully written message, reading: “Ukrainian dads casually inspecting destroyed Russian tanks”.

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And the translated caption of the video, shared by TikTok user karinaishere, joked: “Congress of experts on Khreschatyk”.

Khreschatyk is one of Kyiv’s main streets, and on August 24 it was the stage of a show of destroyed Russian military hardware.

Thousands of residents flocked to see the kilometre-long display as Ukraine celebrated its Independence Day, despite fears Russia may launch an air strike on the important anniversary.

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@karinaishere з‘їзд експертів на Хрещатику #ukraine #ukrainiandad #dads ♬ original sound – Vipfuzzy

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The TikTok user didn’t share precisely on which occasion this video was filmed.

But most people in the comment section were more interested in praising the “dads”, with one user, named Denverok360, writing: “Dad stance is universal.”

Another user named SaltyMystic joked: “100 per cent all of them are thinking about restoring it in the garage.”

Another TikTok user, Paul Nabil, also joked, making up a sentence one of the men in the video may have said in true father fashion: “‘Well you see that’s your problem right here’.”

And another, Lisa Kochekova, added: “New level of dads expertise”.

Finally, social media user Pepitasmom joked: “So they all really do come from the same factory!”

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin, Russia is believed to have lost more than 4,300 tanks, 8,500 armoured vehicles and 310 helicopters, according to numbers shared by the Kyiv Post.

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