Devastating mushroom cloud erupts above Kharkiv after massive explosion from Russian bomb

Ukraine: Massive explosion near airbase near Kharkiv

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The shocking footage lit up the night sky of Ukraine’s second-largest city shockwaves were sent out to close by towns. On Monday, multiple cluster bombs were fired on Kharkiv leaving hundreds injured. Kharkiv has been the target of some of the worst aerial attacks since Ukraine was invaded by Russian forces on February 24.

It comes as Boris Johnson said evidence of Vladimir Putin’s attacks on civilians could be used in a future trial at The Hague.

Speaking in Warsaw, Mr Johnson said: “There’s no doubt that he is already using barbaric tactics, bombing civilian areas.

“I have seen the reports about cluster bombs and thermobaric weapons, they will, of course, have to be verified.

“I think that everybody involved in the Russian onslaught should understand that all this will be collated in evidence to be used at a future time in what could be proceedings before the International Criminal Court.”

Western allies fear Russia could use thermobaric weapons against Ukrainian forces if they continue to hold up their advance.

Western officials believe Russian forces missed most of their day one objectives of the invasion and could resort to indiscriminate firing to make up ground.

One official said this could include thermobaric weapons which Russia is known to have in its armoury and has used in past conflicts – although they have not been seen so far on the battlefield in Ukraine.

“My fear would be that if they don’t meet their timescale and objectives they would be indiscriminate in their use of violence,” the official said.

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