Diaper-wearing Putin has breakdown after changing to stronger cancer meds

Vladimir Putin suffered a "nervous breakdown" after changing to stronger cancer medicine, it is claimed.

It has long been rumoured that the Russian despot is ill with cancer, Parkinson's disease or both, and recent videos appeared to show him limping and shaking.

This week there was even speculation he was using a body double during a visit to Ukraine, which was not outright denied by his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

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Several sources in Russia are now claiming the 70-year-old has been put on stronger medication for his supposed cancer, and that his battle with the disease is more serious than many realise.

The rumours are being discussed by Russia's non-state run outlets.

The General SVR Telegram channel, which claims to be run by a Kremlin insider, reports Putin "probably had a nervous breakdown" on Tuesday (April 18).

A post read: "At about 21.40, Moscow time, the presidential guards heard strange sounds from the room where the president was.

"Putin did not answer a knock on the door, attempts to determine what was happening in other ways did not bring results."

Guards then entered the room after calling for his doctors.

"Putin sat on the floor near the sofa and wept hysterically," according to the Telegram channel.

"He was wearing only a wet white T-shirt, which he had probably tried to take off, and a black sock on his right leg.

"Next to him was a torn diaper, which Putin has been using all the time lately.

"To all appeals to him, the president practically did not react, continuing to sob."

It is claimed he was made better after he was injected with an "antipsychotic drug", and that doctors cancelled the new medicine he was taking due to the debilitating "side effects".

Valery Solovey, a former professor at Moscow’s prestigious Institute of International Relations, also said Putin had been put on new treatment after the first two medicines didn't work.

Speaking to Russian YouTube channel Ischem vykhod, he said: "The possibilities of modern medicine allow you to prolong your existence in the form of a zombie for a long time. But it is not possible to be a public person."

Solovey noted this wasn't the case during Putin's visit to Ukraine, making it obvious to him that a body double was used.

He also claimed that Wagner Group boss Yevgeny Prizoghin refused to take part for that very reason.

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