Die-hard fisherman reels in whopping 200lb crazy fish in epic video

The moment a group of anglers caught a whopping 200lb bluefin tuna fish has been captured during dramatic YouTube video footage.

Adam Irino and three of his friends took 35 minutes to haul the 5ft fish into their boat with the 30-year-old from the US city of San Jose in California admitting it was "one of the most epic experiences" of his life.

The quartet had to take it in turns to reel in the 14st aquatic behemoth to avoid losing their catch off the San Francisco coast due to fatigue.

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Irino shares his fishing adventures on the YouTube channel Die Hard Fishing and, on the titanic tuna, he told US online news magazine Newsweek: "I have never seen a fish that big in my life. I was in awe of the size of such a massive fish.

"The fish was very powerful, almost pulling me in, and it took three of us to lift it into the boat."

The highly migratory bluefin tuna travel vast distances in the ocean and normally weight around 130lb.

They can, however, reach a maximum size of almost 10ft in length and around 1,000lb or 450kg in weight.

Its meat sells for huge amounts but they have only started to reappear in the San Francisco Bay Area over the last five years, having been very rarely spotted during the previous half-century.

One explanation for their return is that they are being drawn by large schools of prey such as anchovies, possibly linked to the fact that populations are rebounding at an accelerating rate after being overfished for many years.

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In his video, Irino added: "Bluefin tuna – such a crazy fish. I've been fishing in the Bay Area for over 20 years now and, for the majority of that time, there were no bluefin tuna, or at least no one knew that there were any bluefin tuna until about maybe five or so years ago when they started trickling in.

"Now, it seems like you can almost count on them being here at some point every single year. I've seen some old black-and-white pictures of people bringing in bluefin tuna to different harbours in the Bay Area, so it seems like historically they were here.

"It seems to be a new thing that bluefin tuna, these warm water species, are being caught in the dark, colder waters we have here in the Bay Area."

The group later divided the fish up to eat.

Irino's previous biggest catch was a 30lb sturgeon and, on his video, he added: "This just blew that fish out of the water. I didn't catch it personally, it was more of a team thing, but the sheer difference in size – 200lb versus 30lb – was a crazy jump for me. It's one of the most epic experiences of my life, one that I will never forget."


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