Disposable wipes and paper towel don’t go down the toilet: City of Winnipeg

For weeks since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, stores across the city have been experiencing a shortage of toilet paper, and that may have prompted people to get creative.

The City of Winnipeg says they’ve noticed more disposable wipes plugging pumps at the sewage treatment plants.

They say even the wipes that say flushable can cause blockages and overwhelm the sewer system.

Daniel Boissonneault, owner of AFM Plumbing and Heating in Winnipeg, says he’s regularly receiving calls about clogged pipes because of people flushing paper products they shouldn’t.

Boissonneault said it can be on average about $200 – $250 to unclog a pipe.

He says he does have an alternative for people who are struggling to find toilet paper.

“Bidets — they’re not common in North America, but anyone can ad-lib a bidet,” he said. “Your bathtub can easily become a bidet. You take your tub shower if you have a hand-held, you use that, you run your water and jump in the tub and wash your business.”

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