Dog hilariously ignores owner pretending to pass out and steals her food instead

A dog owner wanted to provoke a reaction out of her pet by pretending to choking on food, only to get nothing in return.

Linda, from Miami, Florida in US, wanted to see if her golden retriever, Kobe, ran to her rescue when she played dead in front of him.

But the reaction was not what she expected at all.

In the clip she shared on Instagram, she walks up to her pooch in the kitchen while munching on a snack.

She acts as if she got the food stuck in the throat and falls on the carpet in pain, but Kobe has his eyes set on the biscuit and doesn't seem to notice Linda lying "unresponsively" on the floor.

The hungry canine sniffs around and goes straight to Linda's hand for the snack.

Kobe completely disregards his owner and nudges around her hand to look for more after he finishes the biscuit.

While Linda is hoping that her pet could give her a snuggle, Kobe sniffs around to search for more food.

Knowing there isn't any more food, the dog walks away to leave Linda lying on the floor.

The clip has left viewers in stitches as many tried to narrate the situation for Linda.

One said: "He’s more concerned about potentially hidden snacks under your hand."

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  • Another joked: "First response when mom passes out: steal snacks from her hands."

    A third added: "It wasn’t really a hand nudge but your hand was blocking any potential crumbs on the carpet. 'Move away hand!' He totally doesn’t care about you fainting."

    A fourth said: "He knows you're faking it! Dogs are really smart haha."

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