Dog puffs out chest and wakes up owner from nap to ‘fight’ her in funny clip

A dog owner was left in stitches after her pooch apparently woke her up from a nap to “fight” her.

The comical footage has exploded on Reddit since it was shared yesterday (November 1).

It shows an adorable dachshund seemingly puffing out its chest and glaring menacingly at its owner behind the camera.

The pooch even appears to be standing on its back paws as if about to throw some punch.

The pet then drops down after losing balance but is quickly back up to adopt the fighting position.

Reddit user kimchibunny99, from San Jose, California, posted the clip with the caption: “I feel like my dog just woke me up from a nap to fight me.”

It has since received more than 7,000 upvotes and dozens of comments from viewers.

One wrote: “I’m putting my money on the doggie. He looks ready to whip that ass.”

Another mimicked the dog’s voice, saying: “‘You wanna take this outside!?’”

“That’s a badass dachshund you’ve got there!” a third added. “You can’t ever skimp on the treats, because this is what you get. A standoff.”

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