Dog seized by police and locked up for 2 months dies hours after returning home

A pooch-lover has been left heartbroken after her beloved pet Pit Bull died just days after returning home following a two-month stint being locked up by the police.

Nicole Jusiega said her pet Lola was seized from her home by Humberside Police officers on October 11, 2021 after three alleged reports that the dog was a "bad breed", reports HullLive.

Ms Jusiega said: "It's been horrible, it's heartbreaking. It is like losing a family member.

"She was just always there for me, it was nice to come home from work and see her happy, wagging her tail – just always having her company around.

"What's most upsetting is that she had to go through so much torture and agony in the kennels alone and then be returned and spend just one last night at home, then pass away."

Humberside Police's Professional Standards department are now investigating the circumstances of Lola's death.

Ms Jusiega claims she was was told nothing, other than her dog was being taken to kennels for an assessment.

The next day an officer returned to interview Ms Jusiega, who was told that Lola was "the perfect example of what a dog should be".

Ms Jusiega said: "He had such lovely things to say about her. He said all the staff in the kennels fell in love with her."

After almost two months of being separated, Lola was returned to Ms Juseiga, 24, on Saturday December 4, because she was not considered a danger to others and was a well-behaved dog.

Ms Juseiga could not wait to have her best friend home, but when she arrived her owner did not recognise the sick and malnourished dog that she was presented with.

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"She was basically dying in my arms, she was gone. She was exhausted, she couldn't keep her head up. She couldn't eat, she couldn't drink. It was just terrible.

"I didn't recognise her when they opened the van. They dropped her off on Saturday afternoon and I just didn't even recognise her. I didn't realise that was my dog of nine years," Ms Juseiga said.

The next day, Ms Juseiga claims she took Lola to the vets, who found she had liver disease, fluid in her lungs, fluid in her stomach, she was anaemic and had low protein in her blood cells due to not eating.

"Her organs were basically failing," she said.

"That was probably because of all the stress and trauma she was going through. They were drugging her up with anti-anxiety medication.

"She was most likely crying her eyes out in that kennel and they were just trying to keep her quiet.

"If she wasn't eating or drinking on top of all those pills they were giving her, it was just destroying her.

"On top of her heartbreak from being taken away from home after all these years sleeping on sofas and beds, to then being locked away in a cage who knows where and who knows in what conditions, it just broke her."

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After being told that by vets that she may not survive, Ms Juseiga made the difficult decision to have Lola put to sleep.

A spokeswoman for Humberside Policesaid: "We have received a complaint report and this is currently being investigated by our Professional Standards Department."

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