Dog stolen last summer finally reunited with owners in tear-jerking footage

A dog stolen from a family who thought they would never see her again has been found and brought home.

In a heartwarming clip, uploaded yesterday, January 10, Ruby the Springer Spaniel nuzzles a police officer who pets her on the head as she returns to say thanks for her rescue.

The pooch was nabbed from the Irish town of Midleton in Cork in June last year and has an eagle-eyed English woman to thank for her safe return, CorkBeo reports.

Luckily, the woman saw a post shared from a Garda Facebook page more than 100,000 times and recognised her as a dog she had seen for sale on a website in the UK.

The lady made contact with the Gardai after she had seen Ruby was up for sale.

With the assistance of Somerset Police, Ruby was recovered and made the 500km journey via Rosslare back to Midleton in time for Christmas.

Ruby's owners Bernard and Liz Ahern had missed their pooch terribly and said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have Ruby back home.

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"We are so grateful to the lady who spotted Ruby for sale, the Somerset Police, and our Gardaí here in Midleton."

Superintendent of the Midleton District, Adrian Gamble said: "We are delighted to have been a part of Ruby's safe return to her loving family and appeal to all pet owners to take all extra security precautions and ensure their pets are microchipped.

"I especially wish to thank everyone for sharing the social media appeal to help find Ruby, and the lady in the UK who spotted Ruby for sale- these people are the real heroes of the investigation."

After being stolen, Ruby had her microchip removed and was in poor health when returned to the Ahern Family.

Fortunately, Ruby is now back to her old self.

The investigation into the theft of Ruby is still being actively pursued.

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