Dog transformed into alpaca at groomers ‘refuses to speak to her owner’

A woman was left in stitches when her dog apparently looked furious at its new haircut leaving it looking "like an alpaca" after getting a serious trim at the dog groomers.

Eris Baker joked her dog Roxy, a Golden Doodle, is "not speaking to me" after the disastrous cut, Mirror reports.

In the hilarious footage, Roxy faces away from Eris and stares out of the car window, ignoring every attempt her owner makes to interact with her.

Eris roars with laughter as the dog continues to blank her and adds: "I don't think she likes her new haircut. I also don't think she likes me anymore."

In another video, she even apologises to her dog before continuing to laugh at the new look.

Unsurprisingly, the video of the awkward haircut has been watched more than 13 million times and received thousands of amused comments.

One person joked: "She's like 'This is embarrassing, just drive.'"

With a mean dig, a second viewer quipped: "She looks like my grandma."

"It's not a dog it's a baby alpaca," suggested another user.

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"Oh she's really mad but then again I would be too," commented someone else.

Eris updated fans in another video that Roxy cheered up pretty quickly once she was back home and she was happy with the final cut.

She said: "I actually thanked the groomer for doing what she did to help (Roxy).

"We had a snowstorm, she also loves the mud more than anything, and happens to gets matted extremely easily.

"I do brush her, I do bathe her, she actually had four baths last week.

"That's how much she loves to be outside.

"But she's a very happy dog, she's a very well taken care of dog."

This comes after a dog with "dreadlocks" and 35kg of overgrown fur looked completely transformed after being rescued from the streets and given a haircut.

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