Donald Trump and Melania’s awkward greeting after presidential debate goes viral

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Melania Trump 's awkward greeting with husband Donald Trump after the first 2020 presidential debate has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

The First Lady and US president have made headlines on countless occasions since coming into office, with viewers in the past sharing clips of "snubs" and horrified looks between the pair.

Now, a new video has gone viral from the US presidential debate last night (September 29).

The clip shows Melania, 50, greeting her husband with a very formal handshake. The US president glances at his wife and quickly looks away before the pair turn to the camera for a snap.

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Joe Biden is seen embracing his wife with a warm hug.

Videos of the moment have racked up hundreds of thousands of views in a matter of hours on Twitter.

One viewer said: "It appeared as though they were acquaintances, not a loving couple."

Another one commented that Mrs Trump showed "no emotion at all".

But others claimed what Melania did was appropriate for the event.

One said: "Melania showed decorum. It is how I would act under the same circumstances."

The uncomfortable moment between the married couple came after Melania was seen "dodging kisses" from her husband at a campaign speech in North Carolina last month.

She moved her face to the side and went for a kiss on the cheek after Mr Trump delivered his speech on the stage.

The First Lady was also previously spotted swatting Mr Trump's hands away while they disembarked Air Force One.

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