Donald Trump election: Donald Trump could win as ‘minority candidate’

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Sitting President Donald Trump is currently lagging behind Democrat nominee Joe Biden with 213 electoral college votes, compared to the Democrat’s 238. Overall, the first to receive 270 votes in the Electoral College and win will assume the presidency for the next four years. So far, the race has been very tight, with both candidates expressing confidence in a victory.

Mr Biden’s campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon predicted he would win Pennsylvania even though he is currently trailing behind Mr Trump.

Ms O’Malley Dillon said: “We expect that the vice president will have leads in states that put him over 270 electoral votes today.”

But, as the Democrat camp forecast victory, Mr Trump launched a Twitter tirade against mail-in ballots, claiming without evidence voter fraud.

In a series of social media posts, the President said his advantage had “magically disappeared” as the votes were counted.

Mr Trump said: “How come every time they count mail-in ballot dumps they are so devastating int heir percentage and power of destruction?”

His tweets were contested by Twitter which flagged the tweet for misinformation and added a disclaimer saying the content was “disputed” and “might be misleading”.

The other states that will determine the results are Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

In these states, the Democrats are hopeful of narrowing the gap with the remaining uncounted postal votes that Mr Trump is challenging.

Professor of US Politics and International Affairs at the London Metropolitan University Dr Andrew Moran said said “there is no clear winner” and the votes may not be known “for a number of days” due to postal votes and absentee ballots still being counted.

Dr Moran also told Mr Trump could win the election as a “minority”.

He said: “If Trump wins, he will most likely be a minority candidate, securing the Electoral College but attracting less votes than his opponent.”

In terms of Mr Biden, Dr Moran said if he wins it will “be by a whisker”, and make it much more difficult to claim he is the “unifying candidate with a clear mandate”.

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Talking about what’s in store throughout the next few days, Dr Moran explained: “We are now in an unpredictable moment at a time of pandemic exhaustion, racial tension, and a febrile atmosphere over the outcome of this election.

“What is clear is that lawyers will be busy fighting each candidate’s corner seeking to stop or keep the count going in key states.

“Trump’s Twitter outbursts will probably go into overdrive, continuing to claim the election is being stolen.

“Biden will try and look presidential. Shops and homes will remain boarded up and there is a real fear of violence as militia groups and others walk the streets.”

Mr Trump accused postal ballots of “voter fraud” but has failed to present any evidence to reinforce his accusation.

He has gone so far as to say his campaign will go to the Supreme Court to ask for votes to stop being counted going forward.

Dr Moran concluded: “In a democracy, it is important that every vote is counted. The problem is whether Americans will be prepared to wait.

“Two dramatically different versions of America are at stake here.”

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