Downfall of lottery winner without front teeth who blew winnings and was jailed

A Brit lottery winner who bagged themselves a hefty £250,000 prize has been jailed for failing to pay a £12,000 court debt.

Gerry Donaldson, 52, had hit a stroke of luck when he nabbed a lottery win, giving him a hefty prize, but it would appear he blew the lot and has since been convicted of growing cannabis.

An initial confiscation order of £11,750 was levelled at Donaldson back in 2018, but at Jedburgh Sheriff Court last week, it was said that the figure had been raised to £12,335 with interest.

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The lotto winner, who won big on a scratch card back in 2010, was heard to have been on a rapid decline since his win.

Prosecutor Fiona Hamilton said that investigators found the 52-year-old grandfather had received £36,000 for the sale of his home in March 2021.

His only assets, the court heard, were that of a car, with Hamilton questioning where the cash prize Donaldson won over a decade ago has ended up.

She said: "He won a significant amount on the lottery some time ago but there are no details on where this has gone."

Hamilton was not the only one stunned by the lack of lotto winnings on Donaldson's person, with a former neighbour saying: "It does seem incredible how someone can go through so much money from a lottery period in such a short period.

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"He had his kids to look after which is fair enough but to have nothing left from getting such a huge sum and now being sent to jail is such a downturn.

"He still has to pay back the money as well – it shows that winning the lottery doesn’t solve all your problems."

Sheriff Peter Paterson has since jailed the lotto winner for a year, with Donaldson set for time behind bars following a cannabis growing charge.

The sheriff also maintained that the full amount of debt owed would be sought after despite the jail sentence.

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