Drink-diver blows zero on breathalyser twice as cops left scratching their heads

Police have been left baffled after they pulled over a man driving suspiciously and found an open bottle of alcohol in the car.

The Australian driver, identified as Damian, admitted to drinking but when police tested him with a breathalyser he pulled a result of zero – twice.

He told officers he had been drinking from the bottle as well as stating he had had “two bourbon and cokes” hours before he was stopped.

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Damian said his last sip from the bottle filled with bourbon and coke had been 15 minutes before he was pulled over.

While officers confirmed that the bottle was half empty, the man still managed to pass two breathalyser tests, with a reading of zero, leaving officers baffled.

According to LadBible, when he was shown the breathalyser's zero result the driver made no bones about his disbelief, asking officers: "How can that be?"

Suspecting the equipment may be broken, officers did a second test with another tester, yet drew the same result.

The cops questioned whether Damian had consumed something other than alcohol, but without a drug kit to hand, they did not test for any other substance.

Damian was able to walk back and forth in a straight line as well as touch his nose with his finger while his eyes were closed.

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He poured away the remaining contents of the bottle and was fined $330 AUD (roughly £177) for drink driving before being released.

Damian said he thought drinking while driving wasn't illegal as long as he wasn't over the limit.

But drinking booze behind the wheel is an offence regardless of whether he blew over the limit.

It is unknown how Damian managed to produce a zero reading.

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