Driver plasters blonde woman image over car window as police warn him of danger

A head-turning advertisement for a business on a car's doors and windows has caused police to step in.

The advert, which featured a giant picture of a woman's face and body, was seen by Staffordshire Police on Wednesday.

It had a blond woman's face appearing to be look out of the side window and driving, while her body was placed on the side of the car.

The human-sized decal filled the entire front passenger window and caught attention of officers, reports StaffordshireLive.

Police pulled the driver over in Lichfield, after seeing the car pass, and told the driver to remove the section from the window as it obstructs the motorist's view.

The rest of the woman's body is on the passenger door and added to the illusion that she is driving while looking out of the car window.

Police spotted the vehicle, pulled the drive rover and told them that as the sticker obstructed their view, it could be dangerous.

The officers from the Staffordshire Police Roads Policing Unit  said the driver had now removed it after escaping with a ticking off from cops.

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