Drunk bloke survives being hit by train after falling on tracks but loses hand

A man miraculously survived being hit by a freight train when he drunkenly fell on the tracks however he lost half a hand in the process.

Jonathon Smith, 26, fell onto a train track while drunk last year and was knocked out.

Fortunately, a cow pusher on the train pushed his unconscious body out the way rather than sucking it underneath, and his life was spared.

However, the grisly incident meant he had to have the lower half of his leg amputated, along with his middle, ring and pinkie fingers on his right hand.

Jonathon, from Caro, Michigan, USA, said: "I'm missing half my palm, they didn't just take off my fingers – it looks like an uber long finger!

"I've always been a more chilled out guy, appearance to me has never been a big thing.

"I'll put my finger right in your face like 'check that out!'"

Jonathon drove to Cleveland, Ohio with six of his childhood friends for the NFL Draft and to watch some baseball last May.

Jonathon said: "I've never been a big drinker, but I ended up getting too drunk.

"For whatever reason, I ran away from my friends.

"I was trying to make things interesting, I don't really know what I was trying to do.

"I ran a while, and I ended up waking up five days later in the hospital."

Jonathon tripped over a railway line and was knocked unconscious, as the impact with the metal cracked his skull open.

Not long later, a freight train started to approach and honked its horn at Jonathon.

He said: "He hit the brakes but, from what I was told, the train had a hundred cars on the back and it didn't stop in time."

As the train passed, his shoulder got caught on the tracks and flipped his body off the line, leaving only his hand to be crushed by the passing locomotive.

"All in all the conductor is the hero in this story," said Jonathon.

"If he had been looking at his phone I would have just been a bump, but he was paying attention.

"He jumped out immediately and wrapped both my arms and legs up with tourniquets and called an ambulance."

The train had caved in both his shins and pushed the bones through the skin of his legs, and bones in both knees were also broken.

As well as fracturing his skull, he had broken both his eye sockets, his nose, his jaw, four ribs and cracked three teeth.

The most severe injuries were in his legs and his crushed right hand, and his ring, middle and pinkie fingers, as well as part of his palm, were all amputated.

He woke up from his medically induced coma 15 days later, to find a nurse taking his blood pressure who told him he had been hit by a train.

Jonathon said: "All I said was 'alright' – they could've told me you stole an airplane I would've had no memory, there's no difference!
"I don't even remember the pain."

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He did notice that his hand had been completely bandaged up.

He said: "I thought they wrapped it with my fingers in my fist, I was kind of naive."

Although doctors had managed to screw back together his left leg with plates and rods while he was asleep, they told him that his right leg did not have a pulse as the veins had died.

Jonathon could either go through up to 12 more surgeries to try to save it, or he could opt to have it amputated.

He said: "It was the easiest decision of my life, just take that f**king leg!"

Jonathon has now saved $4,000 for a mechanical hand that will enable him to play golf again.

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