Eagle-eyed Google Maps user finds bus fire in middle of desert

Firefighters were spotted clearing a wreckage following a dramatic explosion that took place in a desert in the US.

An eagle-eyed user came across the heroes on Google Maps, who captured them during the aftermath of a fire in California.

More than half a dozen firefighters were pictured at the scene as they picked up the remains of a bus from the empty road.

The post was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: "Bus Fire on Desert Road Twentynine Palms Highway California."

Another vehicle was also spotted at the scene however, it remains unclear as to whether there were any casualties from the incident.

The car also appeared to be damaged and appeared to have no windows left, with a burnt exterior.

The post only got four upvotes, which suggests that many people were unaware of the emergency that took place during broad daylight.

Last week, a man was caught bending over a burst fire hydrant to take a drink while his shorts were falling down on a busy street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He was pictured in the compromising position near a Wallgreens supermarket and didn't seem to take notice of passers-by.

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The bizarre moment was captured by Reddit user u/Consistent-memory-18 who shared their find to stunned users on the subreddit page r/googlemapshennanigans.

The forum user wrote: "Having a drink on K&A in Philly."

Several pedestrians, including a woman with a red shopping cart, could be seen dressed in t-shirts and shorts, suggesting that it was a rather hot day.

They watched on as the man tried to stay hydrated using the random water hack, as he crouched down by a set of traffic lights.

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