Elle Brookes gross party trick after copying adult star with vagina surgery

Elle Brooke has opened up about her “designer vagina” surgery, and revealed that she had been inspired by a fellow adult model when deciding how her new private parts should look.

Elle is one of the UK’s biggest porn stars, and also sells explicit content on OnlyFans where her subscribers can pay for exclusive images and videos.

And, despite developing a fit figure while training for a lucrative boxing bout where she defeated Love Island’s AJ Bunker, the 24 year-old has admitted to feeling uncomfortable with her looks in the past.

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This has led the model to undergo surgery on her bum and boobs, as well as getting a so-called designer vagina.

And, speaking about the decision on the Bangin’ with Chloe Veitch podcast, Elle revealed that she had surprisingly decided to keep the labial body parts she had removed during the invasive operation.

“It’s my favourite party trick to show everyone,” she confessed. “They look like calamari and it’s so gross, they’re like white now.

“Everytime I look at it, one side was always bigger than the other anyway, so there’s like a big one and a small one.

“I’m like, aren’t they cute? It’s like a snow globe.”

Elle had a number of changes made to her private parts, and she revealed that she had been inspired by a fellow porn star when deciding how she wanted her new vagina to look.

“It sounds stupid, but if I saw Riley Reid’s vagina, I was like, ’I want that vagina’,” she laughed.

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“It’s so weird about surgery, you can just pick out of a list of 100 like, ‘yeah I want that one’.”

This comes after the adult performer spoke candidly in a Q&A with her fans, where she revealed that she had been “ugly” and “fat” as a child.

Now, though, the Southampton native has garnered over 500,000 followers on Instagram for her looks, and has admitted that she has no regrets about taking on a career as a porn star after ditching her law degree.


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