Embarrassing moment Russian fighter jet sends sparks flying

Russian Su-25 fighter makes emergency landing

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The Russian Su-25 fighter jet managed to safely land despite no landing gear on the aircraft. The embarrassing moment was captured on mobile phone footage and quickly spread on social media Although the location of the military plane landing remains unclear, the Z-marking on the aircraft suggests a military role in the Ukraine war.

In the clip, the Su-25 lands directly on the undercarriage of the plane after the landing gear failed to open. 

The reason behind the absence of landing gear was unknown, amid speculation that the jet had already suffered damage or a serious malfunction.

Sparks immediately fly off the plane as it skids on the runway.

The Su-25 then deploys the two stop-parachutes, which are supposed to reduce the speed of the aircraft.

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The aircraft comes to a stop after successfully opening both parachutes.

It is thought that such a landing would require major repairs to the plane.

Many viewers said the attack pilot was lucky not to have crashed upon landing.

The Russian Su-25 jet has been a regular feature of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

However, Ukraine has also downed several of the Soviet-era planes, with military tracking blog Oryx suggesting that Russia has lost at least 23 Su-25s since the invasion began.

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This comes as questions mount over the state of Russia’s military equipment.

There are reports that Russian soldiers are being given inadequate gear and clothing, which has led some troops to die from hypothermia.

Security expert Robert Fox said: “For the Russian troops, there is now quite significant evidence of ill-equipped, particularly recruits, even in the training camps, dying of hypothermia.

“That is really quite something. Inadequate sleeping bags, inadequate clothing, and suffering from the cold.

“They find it difficult fighting in the cold but the fighting is going on.”


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Meanwhile, the latest UK Ministry of Defence intelligence briefing suggests that Iran’s support for Russia will grow in return for ‘unprecedented’ military access.

The MoD claimed Moscow will offer Tehran an “unprecedented” level of military support in return for supplies.

Russia is particularly trying to obtain hundreds of ballistic missiles from the Iranian regime.

The ministry said Russia had highly likely used up a large proportion of the stock of its own Iskander short-range ballistic missiles.

Iran had become one of Russia’s top military backers since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

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