EU chaos: Brussels summit on brink of meltdown amid ‘nasty’ COVID-19 bailout standoff

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BBC News reporter Gavin Lee said the discussions surrounding the COVID-19 recovery package have become nasty and that tempers have flared. The BBC reporter added that according to French officials Emmanuel Macron banged his fists on the table and slammed the so-called “frugal four” nations for endangering the European project.

Mr Lee said: “This is already the longest European summit for 20 years, going back to Nice 2000 when they were expanding from 15 countries.

“This is about money, this is about trust, this is about the idea that these frugal four Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark plus Finland in this circumstance.

“They are not budging according to the others.”

He added: “Where we are at now is the so called frugal four are saying that they will offer as grants no more than 375 million euros.

“Other countries such as France and Germany are saying they will not go below 400 million euros.”

Mr Lee continued:”This has got pretty nasty at points, tempers flaring like I have not seen before.

“In the early hours, Emmanuel Macron the French President banging his fists on the table saying to the frugal four you are putting the European project in danger according to French officials

“That is how has it has got, tiredness leading to tempers flaring.”

Last week Brexit activist Emily Hewertson slammed the European Union’s “take” approach after the trade bloc failed to support some of its nations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Hewertson told that the European Union only serves its own self-interests and highlighted the lack of support Italy received during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Conservative Party member stated that Italy was put in an appalling position by the EU and that the nation was not given help when it desperately needed it. 

Ms Hewertson said: “What COVID has exposed for the EU is that when you need the EU they won’t give.

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“However, when the EU needs you, they will take, take, take.

“I think we have really seen that in Italy.

“Italy was put in an appalling position by the EU, when it really needed help from EU nations it just wasn’t given it.

“Germany was essentially hoarding ventilators, while thousands of Italians were dying.

“It was absolutely shocking and I think it does show that the EU does work on its own interests.”

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