Explosions heard as huge blaze causes roof to collapse in Moscow

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A massive fire erupted at a shopping centre in the north west of Moscow with an entire roof collapsing. A video shared by RIA showed a large plume of smoke rising from the building partially on fire.

The Moscow region’s emergencies ministry department said that the fire started at the Mega Khimki retail location.

The ministry said: “Further information is being verified.

“The firefighting effort involves three vehicles and 11 firefighters.”

The fire reportedly covered a 250 metre by 250 metre area.

A column of black smoke is rising above an OBI store, a retail chain of home improvement supplies, in the shopping centre, reported TASS.

A spokesperson said: “The building’s roof has caught fire. [The total affected] area is 250 square metres.

“The blaze was classified as a category three fire [on a scale of five].”


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