Fake OnlyFans page created for Rangers legend Nacho Novo’s fuming ex-wife

The ex-wife of Rangers legend Nacho Novo woke up to find a fraudster had set up a fake OnlyFans page in her name.

Mum-of-three Donna Novo, 43, from Glasgow, believes the page was created by someone close to her.

It offered "provocative" content and included bikini photos she had taken on holiday.

The creator shared a link on an Instagram page and posted images of an email inbox with subscriptions rolling in.

Donna told the Daily Record: “It’s terrible. I woke up to loads of messages from people following me on Instagram saying they had been requested by that page.

“I tried to go on but it had blocked me from seeing it. I tried to log in from son’s account and even one I have for my dog and they were blocked as well. So it’s obviously someone who knows me quite well.

“It said it was a free subscription but when you go on it’s asking for bank details. They had even posted shots of the ‘tips’ they were making from it.

“I’ve got older kids so it’s a bit of an embarrassment for me.”

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The fake page stated: “This is a place where you will find moments from my private life that I make available only here.

“I will have some content that is fantasy, provocative and intellectually teasing.

“Tips are appreciated. I will be sure to send a personal thank you as well.”

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Donna reported the page along with several of her friends, and OnlyFans told the Daily Record it was one of many “impersonation accounts”.

It was removed on Wednesday, February 10.

A spokesman said: “We have seen a number of similar impersonation accounts, which are separate from the OnlyFans site, reported to us in recent months.

“The process is for a fake Instagram account to be set up which then points fans towards a supposed ‘OnlyFans’ account which is actually a fraud account.

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“I wish to make it clear that OnlyFans has extensive and stringent KYC (Know Your Customer) systems to both verify the identity of all our creators and ensure the integrity of our platform.”

The Daily Star has approached Instagram’s owner Facebook for comment.

Donna and former striker Nacho, 41, married in 2015 after an 11-year relationship but later went their separate ways.

They share a son together and Donna has two older sons.

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