Fake priest got into barracks near Windsor Castle pretended to be Harrys pal

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A fake priest who managed to bluff his way into an army barracks had earlier pretended being pals with Prince Harry in a desperate attempt to bag himself a free pub meal.

The Coldstream Guards launched two inquiries after the conniving man got into Victoria Barracks close to Windsor Castle and stayed over for the night, causing major security concerns just weeks before the Queen's Jubilee celebrations.

The man is understood to have been sporting a vicar's dog collar and spoke with an American accent, Mail Online reports.

He claimed to on duty guards that he had a meeting with a military chaplain, which fooled them into letting him inside the barracks.

Despite telling stories that raised some suspicions about his true identity, the man was invited to stay the night and even given a meal and drinks in the officers' mess.

But the next morning the intruders game was rumbled when police officers were contacted and he was escorted from the base.

It was also revealed by a pub landlord that he had to turn the intruder away after he claimed he was Harry and Meghan's friend in an attempt to get a free meal.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the landlord of the Prince Harry pub in Windsor said the fake priest had been in town for several days before last week's security breach at the barracks.

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"He came in here on Monday morning at around 11.30am, saying he was a priest and had a collar on," he said.

"He had two cups of tea and fish and chips.

"He said 'Prince Harry is a friend of mine and when I was here last year in 2021, I had to go back to the States to sort stuff out, and Prince Harry and Princess Markle said whenever I was in Windsor, I could come into the Prince Harry pub and have lunch and they'll sort it out'.

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"Needless to say I just said 'No'. I knew it was a con, so I wasn't that interested.

"And when I saw the news earlier, I just started laughing. I think he was just out to see what he could get."

A local restaurant owner also confirmed that he had served the man before seeing the security alert.

George Ghanem, the manager of Maison Meejana in Windsor, said: "He had an American accent and came to eat here twice last week. I had a long conversation with him and he said he worked at the next-door church, but I'd never seen him before.

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"The first time, I gave him coffee on the house. He wasn't wearing any robes. He had a black suit, black jumper and he had his collar on. He seemed a very respectable guy. We did not think there was anything wrong with him at all."

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "Officers attended and removed the intruder from the barracks. No further action was required."

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