Familys holiday to Tenerife turned into horror show as soon as they got there

A Brit family's holidayto Tenerife turned into a "horror show" after a grandmother slipped and fell while unpacking, fracturing her shoulder and spine.

Debbie Drysdale, from Mayfield in Midlothian, jetted off to the Spanish Canary Islands on April 7 with her six-year-old daughter Katie and mum May to celebrate the latter defeating breast cancer.

While Debbie, 37, was getting her daughter's swim suit on, she heard a loud thud followed by screams from her mum and found her laying on the tiled floor, as reported by Edinburgh Live.

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Debbie then ran to the reception at the hotel and informed a member of staff who called a doctor.

When the doctor arrived, he knew instantly that an ambulance was required to rush May, 75, to hospital after she said she couldn't move, and complained of severe back pain.

May, who fractured her spine and shoulder, has spent the entire week in hospital where she then developed an infection and was taken into intensive care.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live about the "nightmare" ordeal, Debbie said: "My mum was unpacking her case and I was putting on my daughter's swim suit so I didn't see what happened but all of a sudden I heard an almighty bang and she was screaming.

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"She was on the floor and said 'I can't move'."

Doctors informed Debbie that May needs urgent surgery on her back or she may be paralysed.

"It has been very very stressful and I've been doing it on my own with a six-year-old. I have been to the hospital every day and obviously the conditions there aren't as good as in the UK. Times like this you really appreciate the NHS as she is just being given medical care, not personal care," she continued.

Debbie's friend Sheena set up a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of accommodation and provisions while Debbie and her daughter stayed in Tenerife to be with her mum.

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