Fears Putin will divide Ukraine up like Berlin

Ukraine: Former Russian ambassador warns Putin of 'shaky' support

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The Russian dictator wants to create “uncontrolled columns of refugees” to block the Ukrainian military from Kyiv. He will do this by ordering “sabotage groups” to attack power grids to cut off electricity and communications, as well as launching a major military offensive against the city to sow unrest. Intelligence from Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) indicates up to 2,000 Russian Special Forces will try to seize either Sikorsky or Boryspil airport.

The Kremlin could then order 10,000 paratroopers, IL-76 aircraft, light armored vehicles and troops from Belarus and Russia into the capital.

The agents are said to be preparing arson attacks and lootings to distract the police and destabilise the situation.

The SBU is concerned that Kremlin cyber forces could then target government websites – as military commanders launch attacks across the country.

The Russians hope Kyiv forces will panic and go to defend other parts of Ukraine, leaving the capital vulnerable.

The paratroopers would then look to target the remaining communication networks and launch terror attacks.

It is understood that the Russian hit squads have been authorised to hunt down key figures within the Ukrainian government.

These include the General Staff, the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

Those figures would be imprisoned until the arrival of Russia’s main forces.

Moscow’s primary aim is to “decapitate” the country’s government and force the Ukrainians to sign “a peace agreement” under blackmail.

The Kremlin believes pro-Russian politicians will be able to “take responsibility” and sign documents, citing the “escape” of the political leadership from Kyiv.

This will then split Ukraine into two and Moscow will recognise the East.

The intelligence service said this would mirror what happened in Germany with the creation of Soviet-controlled East Berlin and Western-backed West Berlin during the Cold War, sides which were reunited with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

A source added: “Who controls the capital controls the state. But Putin’s plans are known, and the Ukrainian military is ready to repel him.”

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