Female bus driver told shes too hot for job but admits she gets lonely

A gorgeous female bus driver has told of the passengers who warn her she's 'too hot' to be behind the wheel.

Leeds bus driver Charmane Isabella said she's often called out for being "too pretty" for the unglamorous job and is "attention-seeking" by wearing make-up, The Sun reported.

The TikTok and Instagram influencer has more than 850k followers across both platforms and almost 44 million TikTok likes.

Charmane's videos are often about her career behind the wheel of a 10-ton-plus city double-decker, as well as her love life.

In a recent video she revealed some of the weirder things she's told at random by passengers.

Charmane complained when she wears make-up she's labelled "attention-seeking" and when she doesn't people ask: "You look tired, did you get any sleep last night?"

Most bus drivers, passengers tell her, are “old, bald and moody”.

Ms Isabella clearly isn't the typical Leeds double-decker driver – and not just because women in general are a rarity in the bus driving industry.

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The beauty queen said her favourite part of the job is not having people boss her around, though she said she does get "lonely".

Charmane explained it's also harder as a woman to spend hours on end without a toilet break.

She said: “So genuinely [the hardest part] is not being able to go to the toilet when you need to go to the toilet.

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“It is especially difficult for females.

"It’s a basic human right.”

The worst thing she's ever seen was someone do a poo on the bus and "spread it all over the seats", she said in another crazy video.

Judging by Charmane's looks and the quality of her content, it's easy to see why Leeds residents are lucky to have the UK's hottest bus driver.

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