Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin ‘happy and grateful’ as she marries partner

Finland’s prime minister Sanna Marin has married her long-time partner. 

The 34-year-old PM shared photographs of her wedding to Markus Raikkonen, a former Finnish footballer, on her Instagram account, showing the couple posing together while holding a bunch of white flowers.

“I am happy and grateful that I get to share my life with the man I love,” she wrote.

Ms Marin said the couple had “shared joys and sorrows”, adding: “Thank you for being by my side.”

The wedding took place at Kesaranta – the prime minister’s official residence – on Saturday, Finland’s government said.

It was attended by the couple’s family and closest friends.

Ms Marin wore a satin gown while the groom was dressed in a black tuxedo, and the pair were seen holding each other and smiling.

Wedding photographer Minttu Saarni said on Instagram it was a “great honour” to capture their special day.

The couple have been together since they were teenagers and have a two-year-old daughter.

Ms Marin became Finland’s prime minister in December and was the world’s youngest serving head of government at the time.

The Social Democrat is a keen advocate for environmental issues.

When she became prime minister, Finland’s coalition government was then made up of five parties all led by women.

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