Firefighters rescue three-year-old girl who got head trapped in pink toilet seat

Firefighters were called into action after a three-year-old girl got her head stuck in a toilet seat.

In an unusual toilet training hazard, youngster Izabell found the seat around her neck and unable to remove it.

After her parents also tried and failed with the seat firmly lodged in place, a call was placed to fire crews to come to their Taunton home to help out, reports Somerset Live.

While Izabell relaxed watching Peppa Pig, firefighters delicately used a saw to remove the seat using a saw.

A white towel was placed between Izabell and the seat to prevent her from getting injured during the rescue.

A spokesman said: "On Saturday 24th July 2021, the crew on station had a running call to assist the parents of Izabell aged three to remove a child toilet seat stuck around her neck.

"Unfortunately Mum and Dad did try at home but were unsuccessful.

"Izabell sat quietly and bravely watching Peppa Pig while Taunton's firefighters safely removed the seat."

The photo of the incident shows the tool used to hack the toilet seat.

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The post was shared, with the consent of Izabell's parents, on the Taunton Fire Station's Facebook page and attracted lots of comments wishing the youngster well.

One said: "That photo has 'wait till you're 18, this is going in the paper' written all over it! Seriously though I'm glad she's OK."

There was also a message on the Facebook page from Izabell's gran who said how brave she had been.

"Izzy nannie thinks you were very brave, well done Taunton Firemen," she wrote.

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