Fishermen regret falling asleep as aggressive crocodile sneaks onto their boat

Two fisherman woke up to a nasty surprise after they were out working on the water on Saturday.

Jason Charles and his friend David Miegle set out for a weekend fishing trip on the Cato River in the Northern Territory, Australia, but were woken up by an aggressive crocodile while they were on the boat.

Charles said he awoke with a fright at about 5am with his friend screaming “there’s a croc” from the boat which they were sleeping on, which was anchored 100m up the river from Charles’ vessel.

He then looked out from his boat and spotted a massive crocodile just 10m away from them.

Charles then said the massive reptile was unlike any he’d seen before, with it being “big and aggressive” as it began to attack his motor boat they were both on.

“It nearly pulled the motor cover off — there's teeth marks still all on it,” he said.

He said the crocodile paused and looked like it was getting ready to jump onto the boat and attack them.

“I think he was getting ready to launch himself into the boat for a second attack, so I jumped into the front, pulled the anchor up and floored it to where Dave was,” he said.

Both the fishermen admitted they had never experienced anything like this before and were both terrified for their lives. The crocodile seemed bigger and more aggressive than any they’d seen in their long history of fishing.

After they managed to move away in the boat, they both had a second to calm down and process the near-death experience they just encountered.

Calming down in the way they know best, Charles said “We were pretty terrified, so we cracked a couple stubbies when we were safe”.

Charles believes the crocodile was attracted to the fan he has on his boat and said the crocodile may have been so aggressive because it was the middle of breeding season.

While the situation was scary at the time, Charles seems to have accepted the attack, saying: “He was pretty much telling us to get out of his water. I think we were just in his territory.”

Despite both leaving the event unscathed, Charles vowed he would never sleep on his boat again in case they run into another reptile lurking.

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