Flesh-eating disease traps Brit dad in Thailand with totally skinless leg

A Brit dad has been left with horrific injuries after allegedly being bitten by a scorpion in Thailand.

Alan Stephenson, 73, from Hull, is now stuck in a hospital in south-east Asia and could require a leg amputation.

The injury then got infected with a flesh-eating disease that has seen his leg stripped of the layers of skin.

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Between his knee and his foot, he is now left with an agonising pink wound that covers the whole of the calf and shin area.

Alan and his family want to get him back to the UK for treatment but cannot do so because of the massive £18,000 needed to hire a medical repatriation team.

Alan was initially in a remote part of the country far from a city.

He has been visited by his son, Kristian Stephenson, 44, who HullLive reports was left in despair when he saw the conditions his dad was in.

He saw a stray cat eating food made for patients and cockroaches crawling around on the ceiling.

Kristian said: "It was like something from Banged Up Abroad.

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"The hospital was terrible and didn't have the resources to do anything with his leg. I thought: he is going to die here."

After this, he managed to move Alan to a different hospital, "which was a lot better but also more expensive,” but needs to hire a medical repatriation team to get Alan back to the UK for treatment here.

Hope was given to the family after a UK doctor said it might be possible to save the leg.

Alan, who sufferers from diabetes, had been travelling around the country when he got the bite.

He contacted Kristian on November 9 to tell him what had happened and shared that he feared that his health was deteriorating.

His diabetes is understood to have contributed to the red and swollen appearance.

Kristian dashed out to Thailand following his dad’s call, saying: “His leg looked horrendous, but because he wasn't being turned over or helped out of bed, he had bed sores that were just as bad,

"As this was going on, the place he had been staying was demanding rent and taking his belongings to cover the cost, and the hospital was charging an extortionate amount of medical bills in cash.

“The nearest ATM was around an hour away as the area was so remote, with no place to even get a cold drink nearby, and the walk to the hospital was around 3km."

Doctors at the hospital Alan is currently at said they would be able to remove the leg but the operation has been repeatedly rescheduled, cranking up the fees the family is paying.

They are now running aJust Giving Pageto try and help cover the costs.

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