Footage shows disturbing treatment of woman after entering pub in 1970

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Shocking footage has shown how women were treated by men soon after they were legally allowed to drink in pubs.

For much of the 20th century, public bars (where the word pub originates from) in Australia were only open for men.

Women were only allowed into the lounge or saloon area of the bar.

But the archaic rule was abolished in 1975 when both genders were allowed to sit at the bar and enjoy a pint.

As part of a special report at the time, ABC News sent a female correspondent into the newly inclusive pubs to find out how she was treated.

And some of the comments made are truly outrageous.

She was filmed sitting alongside a line of men enjoying a drink and asked them what they thought about her presence.

"I think, myself, that the place for women is the saloon or the lounge," he said.

"If I want to talk or swear or something like that and a woman is standing behind me, you can't, can you?"

His reasoning was even more bizarre, saying “you can’t put it that way” in front of women.

Another man also seemed annoyed that he could no longer spout what he wanted.

Slurring his words, he said: "I can say F's and B's and C's in here, where there's only men. Let me put it this way, we put a restraint on ourselves."

As the reporter continued her interviews, the man allegedly started “harassing” the woman by touching her.

She told him to stop, but he only replied: "You asked us what happens when a woman comes in and I’m showing her."

Thankfully, there were men in the pub who supported women’s inclusion and told off the touchy bloke.

The footage looks shocking in today’s times but is a reminder of how segregated gender roles were less than 50 years ago.

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