Former adult film star quits industry to try her luck as professional gamer

A veteran porn actress has turned her back on her twelve-year career in adult movies and is reinventing herself as a professional video gamer.

Fernandinha Fernandez made her first porn movie at 22. Now, with the help of her new boyfriend Vinicius, she’s embarking on a new career.

She told the news site Metropoles: "My boyfriend knew I wanted to leave my career. That was three years ago. I was tired. I felt I had nothing more to offer.

"Then, a year ago, I stopped doing porn. I've always liked video games, I've played them since I was eight years old. So I combined business with pleasure.

"My boyfriend, as he works in marketing, is helping me a lot with this project."

Fernandinha, 34, uses the social network Twitch to interact with her fans and play video games with them.

She told Metropoles: "It's not just about the games, as I also chat quite a lot over there. Three weeks ago, I discovered that they really do want to chat with me.

"The most common questions I get are if I'm (former porn star) Vivi Fernandes' sister and why I left porn."

Fernandinha revealed how she managed to bring together 500 people for one of her live streams on the platform.

She said: "There, we can't be naked, those kinds of things. But I can be in my bikini if I'm in a swimming pool or bathtub.

"On that day, I was chatting to people from my bathtub and it was a success. I made jokes, I fulfilled goals."

Fernandinha says she’s leaving behind the world of explicit material for something more "sensual".

"I'm surprised at people's response. It's turning out very positive."

Fernandinha also has other projects on the horizon. She plans to write a book about her life and set up courses for both men and women who want relationship advice.

She said: "My idea is to chat, give tips, help people get out of a rut, spice up their relationships. I'm still studying how this course should be."

Fernandinha revealed that she also wants to shut down her old porn channels to turn a new page in her life.

She told Metropoles: "I won't be a hypocrite and stop talking about my past. I'll continue to talk, but I want people to slowly get to know Fernandinha's other side."

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