Four dismembered bodies found laid out by motorway with Grand D*** note

Four dismembered bodies have been found on a Mexican highway in a shocking possible example of gang-related violence.

The remains of the four people were found by the side of the Iguala-Teloloapan highway on Friday morning.

Three men and one woman are thought to make up the dead, but their identities are not yet known.

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They were found in the city of Iguala at around 7am near the Che Guevara neighbourhood.

Horrific, the remains of the four appear to have been taken apart and laid out in a very specific, deliberate way.

Law enforcement was given an anonymous tip-off to the scene via an emergency call.

On the bodies were pieces of cardboard with messages.

The nature of many of the messages hasn’t been revealed at the time of writing.

Forensic Services have led the investigation into the harrowing discovery so far, with the remains now understood to have been taken to the Iguala morgue,Borderland Beatreports.

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However, according to the publication, one of the notes said: “Luis Vicente Calderon Jaimes aka Wicho Cachetes.

“This bitch a** pig has more bravery than you.

“Keep sending more people my way. I already have you and everyone else located. I’ve ruined that party that you had planned.

“Soon enough you will receive more news from me!

“The Grand D***”.

What the message means is unclear, nor has its authenticity been verified.

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