France set for heatwave hell as early front batters country with 40C THIS WEEK

BBC Weather: UK forecast increasingly hot temperatures

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Forecasters are warning the mercury is about to heat up, with France copping the brunt of it from Wednesday (June 15). Temperatures are due to skyrocket to nearly 40 degrees in some areas, and it’s all thanks to a low-pressure system between the Azores and Madeira. The scorching weather is set to arrive from Tuesday evening in the “extreme south” of France, before becoming more widespread on Wednesday. This is according to Frederic Nathan, a forecaster from Météo-France who said this episode of “strong heat” is “extremely early” for France.

While it’s still uncertain as to whether the northern part of the country will experience the same heat for a prolonged period, people in these areas will still be basking in warm temperatures.

Describing it as a “heat flush”, Frederic Nathan has predicted Paris could reach 35°C on Friday or Saturday.

But it has been a hot and dry spring that has forced parts of France into a drought, with more areas having to implement water use restrictions

The extreme heat has already been making waves this weekend, where places like Spain, Portugal and Morocco experienced temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.

While Frederic Nathan is uncertain as to whether northern parts of France will feel the intense heat, weather charts suggest it will shift north and into the UK from the south.

The heatwave is linked to the rise of a mass of subtropical air over the country, driven by a low-pressure system off the coast of Portugal.

Consequently, the strong heat already present at the beginning of the week in the south will extend to the whole country between Wednesday and Thursday.

It will be classed as a heatwave as some regions will experience at least three consecutive days of high heat with temperatures five to 15 degrees above average, often between 20 degrees at night and over 35 degrees during the day.

What does this mean for the UK?

While the UK has not been used to lengthy heatwaves, the Met Office is predicting hot weather will reach most of the country by this week, with the hottest day of the year so far being this Friday (June 17).

The forecast for this weekend onwards has been described as being “very hot” across the south by the Met Office.

It says: “Temperatures are expected to be warm for most and closer to average in the north, but possibly very warm or hot in the south, which could bring thundery conditions.”

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And while this weekend forecasters were unsure just how hot it will get in the UK, the Met Office has since confirmed today that temperatures will reach the low 30s by Friday – making it as hot as Greece.

While many sunseekers will be getting out their deck chairs and sun lotion, hayfever sufferers will not be in for a treat.

The forecaster warned pollen counts remain very high across England and Wales this week.

Only those living in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be in for some mild relief from hayfever symptoms.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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