Full scale WW3 has already started claims TV host as he begs Putin to nuke UK

A Russian TV has ‘begged’ Vladimir Putin to nuke the UK after claiming that a ‘full-scale World War Three’ has already started.

The TV propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov called for Russian forces to launch a nuclear missile strike on Britain, France, and Poland.

Solovyov also claimed Moscow should target the West to halt the flow of tanks and armoured vehicles supplied by NATO countries.

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Britain is poised to supply Challenger II main battle tanks to Kyiv, in the first such move of the war.

While France is shipping French AMX-10 reconnaissance vehicles, Germany is sending 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, and the US is promising 50 M2 Bradley fighting vehicles.

Solovyov told viewers: “There is a full-scale Third World War.

“We do not strike at the territory of NATO countries, because ‘then NATO will intervene’.”

But such supplies should amount to a “red line” for Putin, said the war hawk who the Kremlin leader is said to watch avidly on state TV.

“Now they're coming in tanks…No matter how much Britain gives, for us, the red line should be simple.

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“France gave what they call wheeled tanks…Poland made a decision, Britain made a decision.

“Therefore, any military target on the territory of France, Poland and Britain are legitimate targets for us to strike.

“We need to make it official…If necessary, then not a nuclear [weapon]. And if necessary, then [we can use] tactical nuclear [weapons].

“Or should we wait until hundreds, thousands of tanks appear on our territory?”

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He implied that unless Russia acts with preemptive strikes on these three NATO countries, they face being overrun by Western tanks and armoured vehicles.

His words come as Kremlin jitters on this subject are already clear.

This week ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, seen as a Putin lackey, read the riot act to Russian arms-makers this week, threatening them with up to ten years in jail if they failed to provide more frontline firepower with tanks and armoured vehicles.

Security council deputy chairman Medvedev – a former Russian president – issued the threat as he inspected the 61st Armoured Vehicle Repair Plant in St Petersburg.

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“The tasks here are obvious, and they need to be promptly addressed, in no way allowing for the disruption of approved deadlines,” said Medvedev, reading from a prepared script.

He blasted failures to supply military equipment on time.

“In the case of repeat violations, let me remind you that special criminal punishment has been introduced [under] the Russian criminal code,” he said, alluding to ten-year jail sentences.

“These are the new norms, and they have not yet been applied.

“But we must understand that if necessary, we will be forced to apply them.”


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