Fuming Russia bans all British airplanes from landing or using its airspace

Russia has blocked all UK airplanes from entering its airspace in response to "unfriendly decisions" made by the UK, the country's regulator has said.

The decision has been made just one day after the British government banned all Russian airlines, including their flag carrier Aeroflot, from entering the UK on Thursday, February 24.

The UK announced that they would be taking action as part of their sanctions against President Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine.

"Putin's heinous actions will not be ignored, and we will never tolerate those who put people's lives in danger," Grant Shapps, the UK transport minister wrote on Twitter.

But the announcement left the country reeling and sparked a prompt response from Russia which decided to hit back and ban planes from landing or crossing into its airspace.

On Friday (February 25), Russia's civil aviation regulator declared that the ban applied to any aircraft owned, leased or operated by individuals linked or registered with the UK.

Shortly before Russia announced their move, the owner of British Airways, International Airlines Group, stated it was avoiding Russian airspace, reports Insider.

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"We are avoiding Russian airspace for the time being," CEO Luis Gallego told Reuters.

"The impact for us is not huge because right now we are only flying to a small number of destinations in Asia and we can reroute our flights."

A British Airways spokesperson confirmed the airline has suspended flights heading to Moscow following the announcement of Russia's restrictions.

The UK also announced it would sanction five Russian banks and three individuals in response to Russia instructing troops to head towards two breakaway regions in the UK.

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