Funeral shooting massacre with ‘six killed by drive-by thugs who fired at wake’

At least six people have reportedly been shot dead during a funeral wake massacre in Honduras.

Five men and one woman were killed after attackers opened fire during the ceremony last Friday, radioamerica reports.

Shots are believed to have fired as the mourners held a vigil by the corpse of Jorge Pinto in El Crucete, near Olanchito province.

Authorities said Mr Pinto had been assassinated the previous day in a nearby hamlet.

Witnesses said the murder spree happened when a number of heavily armed perpetrators in a vehicle drove past the funeral.

The identities of the five men killed are not yet known, while the female victim has been named in reports as María Guadalupe Perdomo.

Neighbours told local media they'd never seen anything like the horrific shooting, which last for several minutes.

Reports said police were yet to establish a motive or confirm the witness accounts.

Police suspect a land dispute may have led to the shootings, La Prensa reports.

The central American country suffers from high levels of homicide and drug-related violence and has been dubbed "the murder capital of the world".

In 2018, the Daily Star reported on a young doctor allegedly shot dead by armed hijackers who attempted to rape her after stopping a bus she was travelling on.

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Medical student Silvia Vanessa Izaguirre, 26, was travelling with a friend in Honduras when their bus was stopped by armed robbers, one of whom suggested they have sex with Silvia.

When the young woman refused, it is alleged a man pulled out a gun and shot her in the head.

Evin Adoni Avila was convicted of her murder in 2020.

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