Furious labrador headbutts mum who snitched on him to owner about mess

An enraged dog headbutted his mum after being snitched on to their owner.

Seven, a Labrador retriever, made a mess in the house and chewed on a piece of paper when her owner, Mr Lao, left home in Heilongjiang, northeastern China.

A viral clip originally posted on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok, shows Mr Lao asking Seven, her son named Four, and a small pooch: "Who did this?"

Mum Seven quickly lifts up her paw and places it on Four, but her son shows Mr Lao the real culprit by headbutting his mum to the wall.

The clip was liked more than 20,000 times on Douyin before it was shared on to a TikTok account and racked up 13.1 million views.

Viewers were impressed by the dog's moves and said they acted "like humans".

One said: "The mum tried to blame it on her son? Haha, they are smarter than most humans."

Another added: "She's like 'I told you don't say nothing'."

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But others were not amazed by the stunt and were concerned by the dogs' behaviour.

"A dog raising its paw is a sign of fear," a viewer said. "She isn't pointing."

A second wrote: "This is not funny. Your dogs look really sad!"

Meanwhile, a golden retriever showed his owner how much he hates water in a hilarious clip.

Chester the pooch did his absolute best to keep his coat dry when his owner brought him to a dog beach.

In a video seen more than 1.1 million times, the dramatic dog jumped and ran in terror when the waves hit his legs.

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