Gabby Petitos missing fiancé may have been eaten by alligators, expert says

Brian Laundrie, who the FBI has named as a 'person of interest' in YouTuber Gabby Petito's death, could have been eaten by alligators, according to a survival expert.

Police are still searching for Laundrie after his fiancé's body was found in Grand Teton National Park on Sunday (September 19).

A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Laundrie over 'unauthorised use' of a credit card, but there has been no trace of him so far in Carlton Reserve, Florida, where he said he was hiking before he was reported missing.

Mark Burrow, a local survival expert, has said that the reserve's wildlife may be responsible for his disappearance.

There are at least four types of venomous snakes there, with the cottonmouth being the most dangerous. Alligators are also a common find.

Speaking to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune he said: "They [alligators] like to put a carcass under a log, and let it get all rotten.

"Then the gator would eat you slowly."

The reserve is home to a vast array of predators. Some, like bears and panthers, are unlikely to attack humans. Others, such as bobcats and coyotes, could have eaten Laundrie according to Burrow.

"If you were injured or exhausted they would eat you," he said.

However, Burrow went on to explain that Laundrie would have more pressing concerns if he was hiding in the reserve.

"If he's down there in the Carlton Reserve, he's living in hell.

"People have been making a big deal of the alligators and the snakes, but it's dehydration that's the real danger."

His dehydration will be compounded by a lack of access to clean drinking water. Burrow said that recent rains in the reserve will have washed tannins from the plants into any water. Tannins are toxic to humans in high concentrations.

"That can cause loose bowels. Not a good thing when you are already dehydrated," he added.

Although Burrow isn't involved in the hunt for Laundrie, he has helped with previous missing person searches in Carlton Reserve. He said that he's found people dead who were missing for as little as three days.

Laundrie's family claims Laundrie went hiking alone on September 11 and they reported him missing three days later when he failed to return home.

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