German World War 2 reparation row erupts as Poland demands payout

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The German and Polish governments are locked in a bitter row over historic reparations with Warsaw arguing Germany should pay out trillions of pounds in compensation for the destruction Nazi occupation brought on the country. Last month, Poland made a formal request to Berlin for reparations and the diplomatic note went unanswered. Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Mularczyk has now sent further notes to world leaders in a bit to pressure Germany into agreeing to sit down with Polish officials to negotiate a deal.  

Mr Mularczyk sat down with in Warsaw to explain how Germany’s image globally could suffer if Berlin continues to snub requests from Warsaw for historic redress. 

He told “This issue is very important for Germany’s image,”

Mr Mularczyk explained: “This issue is very interesting for many countries, many politicians, diplomats and normal people.

“Because our history was hidden because of the Iron Curtain and not many people in Great Britain, the United States or other countries understand our position.

“So we start our international campaign, we try to inform international society about our position. 

“We are looking for support because this is not only an issue between Poland and Germany. This is a global issue this is about human rights, the rule of law.”

The Deputy Foreign Minister linked Warsaw’s struggle to secure compensation for Berlin to ongoing talk of Russian reparations for crimes carried out in Ukraine.   

Pointing to the war in Ukraine, Mr Mularczyk told “Everyone agrees that Russia after the war should pay compensation to Ukraine because this war broke international law, there are a lot of war crimes.

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“So we have completely the same situation 80 years ago this war was very similar.

“We were occupied by the Soviet Union and by Russia and Nazi Germany for almost five years and we lost our elites, we lost millions of people and we had massive material losses.”

He continued: “So the situation is very similar. 

“Now we should talk about the responsibility, if everyone agrees that Russia should pay compensation to Ukraine we have the same situation with Nazi German aggression towards Ukraine.”

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Poland lost as much as seventeen per cent of its pre-war population during the Nazi occupation during World War Two

The capital Warsaw was reduced to rubble, as were many other cities and towns across Poland while countless cultural artefacts were looted and destroyed.

Germany has maintained that Poland’s claim to reparations was abandoned in the 1950s by the then-communist government in Warsaw, something strongly denied by the current Polish Government. 

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