Gerry The Monk Hutch is arrested in Spain over Irish gangland feud shooting

Gerard Hutch, known as "The Monk", who is wanted by Irish police over the killing of a rival gang member during a boxing weigh-in at a Dublin hotel, has been arrested in Spain.

The 58-year-old, who has a home in Spain and police believe regularly moves between there and other European countries, is now in custody after being arrested on a European Arrest Warrant over the Regency Hotel attack in 2016, in which Kinahan gang member David Byrne was shot dead.

Byrne was killed by a gang of armed men dressed as Irish police, and thought to be members of the Hutch gang, at a boxing weigh-in on February 5, 2016.

Gardai believe that the intended target was crime boss Daniel Kinahan and the attack was carried out by the Hutch gang in retaliation for the murder of Gary Hutch, the nephew of Gerard Hutch, in Spain, in September, 2015.

The violent shooting at the north Dublin hotel sparked a bloody gang war that claimed 18 lives.

Gerard Hutch left Ireland after the Regency Hotel attack and has only been seen back once, for the funeral of his brother Eddie who was another victim of the feud.

Kinahan was identified in the High Court in Dublin as a senior figure who "controlled and managed" the operations of the Kinahan organised crime group.

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The international crime syndicate has been involved in the smuggling of drugs and guns into Ireland, the UK and Europe.

In recent times, Kinahan has attempted to re-brand himself as a boxing promoter.

But he drew further scrutiny when it was revealed he played a key role in organising the heavyweight championship fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Kinahan claimed to have stepped away from boxing after the controversy that followed, but a recent BBC Panorama investigation revealed he still holds close links with the sport.

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