Giant man-eating croc with 300 kills still out there and hunting next victim

Lakeside communities in Africa are gripped by fears that a giant crocodile that weights almost a tonne and has reportedly eaten 300 people is still lurking in the area.

Gustave, a giant Nile crocodile, is local to the waters of Lake Tanganyika, Burundi in East Africa and the twenty foot beast is a part of folklore in settlements along the lake's shore.

It is believed that Gustave is 100-years-old and with no evidence suggesting he is dead, locals fear he may be hunting for his next victim.

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Since Gustave has not been captured, his length and weight are unknown, but in 2002 it was stated that he could be more than 18 feet (5.5 m) long, and weigh more than 2,000 pounds (910 kg) – almost a tonne.

According to National Geographic, his attacks on people have been recorded as far back as 1987. Many deaths over the years have been attributed to tribal warfare, or even a serial killer – but many suspect Gustave is behind them.

Witnesses often report similar characteristics, suggesting it often really is the same beast behind the various killings. They tend to recall an abnormally large croc with the same scar on the top of its head.

The mark is thought to be a bullet wound from one of the many failed attempts to stop Gustave.

A 2004 documentary, named Capturing the Killer Croc, attempted to catch the infamous monster.

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It follows what it describes as a “rescue mission” which “aims to catch this giant predator and relocate him to safe waters-before he kills again.”

The team attempted to lure the crocodile into a large trap using live bait and an infrared camera watching his movements.

First, they used a live chicken, dangling it above the water inside a cage. They later switched this out for a live goat when the chicken failed to draw Gustave’s eye.

However, when they returned the next day, the trap lay wrecked in high waters following a storm, the camera left destroyed and and the footage unrecoverable. The goat was nowhere to be seen, nor was Gustave.

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