Girl, 13, forced to marry man, 48, and care for his kids who are same age as her

A 13-year-old girl has been forced to marry a 48-year-old man in a mediaeval wedding in the Philippines. Sickening pictures show the man caressing the teen on October 22 in the town of Mamasapano in the south of the country.

Another depraved image shows the disgusting man kissing the child on the cheek.

The child bride, who has not been named, married Abdulrzak Ampatuan, becoming his fifth wife.

The chilling ceremony took place across a day with Islamic religious rites, in which Abdulrzak showed no uneasiness about marrying the child.

He said: “I am happy to have found her and spend my days with her taking care of my children.”

The farmer is intending to have children with his new wife when she’s no longer a teenager.

He said he would send her to school until she was of age to have children.

In some parts of the Philippines, especially in the Muslim-majority Mindanao region, a minor is permitted to marry an adult as long as she has hit puberty, indicated by menstruation.

The former Spanish colony has the 12th highest number of child brides in the world, according to UNICEF.

Girls Not Brides, a campaign group based in London, said child marriages violate girls’ right to a childhood as well as their health and education.

The organisation said: “Child marriage is a human rights violation that we must end to achieve a better future for all.

“Isolated and with limited freedom, married girls often feel disempowered. They are deprived of their fundamental rights to health, education and safety.

“Child brides are neither physically nor emotionally ready to become wives and mothers.”

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