Goddess who teased lesbian video goes viral after making drink with her boobs

A stunning OnlyFans star had fans' jaws on the floor after she posted a video of herself making a drink with her boobs.

Mădălina Ioana Filip, known as Mady Gio, took to Instagram to share the suggestive clip, which has received more than 39,000 likes so far.

In the video Mady, 28, can be seen sitting on her knees beside a pool, sporting a barely-there sequinned bikini and adorable pigtails.

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The Italian-Romanian adult film star then places a glass between her breasts to keep it in place before pouring in a healthy measure of Campari, along with some ice and a straw, before taking a sip.

"Here you are," she captioned the post.

Fans were quick to comment on the racy clip, with one follower commenting: "My face belong there", while another chimed in: "For me a spritz thank you."

Others were more critical of the model and questioned the lengths she would go to to make cash from her X-rated content.

"What you can do for money…amazing," one wrote.

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"Ahhahahahhaha What you don't do for a subscription," a second critic piled on.

Mady recently made headlines for teasing a lesbian video she made with a fellow OnlyFans creator while holidaying in Dubai.

The porn star recently teamed up with Alessia Demciuc to share a series of snaps on Instagram and Telegram hinting at the elusive clip, which she said would be posted to her OnlyFans.

In one, the duo could be seen posing in a hotel room or private apartment wearing only pants and unbuttoned shirts.

"We have some special content on onlyfans – you’re ready?!" Mady captioned the pic on Instagram.

Another post followed showing the models posing on a bed while wearing lingerie. The caption read: "Guess what we do together – online today," followed by a link to Mady's OnlyFans.

But it's not just her X-rated clips she's known for – Mady became a controversial figure after she fled her native Italy for Switzerland to pay less tax on her OnlyFans earnings.

The racy model had previously taken to social media to flaunt her lavish possessions, including numerous luxury cars, to show off her immense wealth.

Mady is thought to have made a whopping £140,000 in August 2022 alone, but her incredible income came with a price in her home country, where she was forced to pay an eye-watering 27.9% income tax.

In Switzerland, however, charges start from as low as 0.77%.

Explaining her decision, she said: “In Italy, unfortunately, the percentage of taxes and contributions is out of the ordinary.”

She said her saving since migrating to the neighbouring country had helped her buy a villa and a high-end sports car.

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