Golden retriever puppies have pyjama party on last night together as litter

A dog breeder has hosted a pyjama party for her litter of golden retriever puppies on their last night at home before they meet their new families.

Amanda, from the US, dressed the six adorable puppies in colourful cute onesies.

Posting on her TikTok account, the mum-of-four said: "The best golden puppies! Ready for their forever families!

"Their last night together as a full litter."

One female puppy is seen looking impossibly cute wearing a pink bow clipped on the head.

The puppies, three males and three females, look inseparable as they sit next to each other on the brown velvet couch.

Amanda explained in the comments section: "They already have their forever families waiting for them to be old enough to take them home."

The clip has left viewers in tears as they asked Amanda not to take them away.

One asked: "I'm actually tearing up at how cute they are."

"Does it make no one sad that they will never see their siblings again?!!" another asked.

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  • A third viewer agreed and wrote: "This always makes me sad to think their brothers and sisters and the parents never see their babies again."

    Some commented to ask people not to buy dogs from breeders but to adopt them from animal shelters.

    However, others pointed out that breeders are also important.

    "I don't understand why you all are so quick to put down breeders," one viewer penned. "Without them, we wouldn't have all our different breeds. They are so important."

    Another added: "Adopt when you can, but we need breeders. They are important!"

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